Monday, May 05, 2008

Where I left off

I'm just gunna jump back in here and hope to make the blog post habit stick this time. The project i started when i last posted was Knights of the old Republic issues 25-28, which are part of the Vector crossover story published by Dark Horse. So i guess thats a good place to start today with some of my pencils from the series.

This 2 page spread was the reveal of sith lord Karness Muur and his evil talisman during a jedi vision in issue 25.

and here we have the first appearance of Celeste Mourne, heroine of the vector arc

One last image for today. This was a commission i did last fall of the Sandman. It was a lot of fun drawing out of my comfort zone and inking is always a challenge for me so having a reason to ink something other than the Port is good for my art skills health meter.


Blogger Nick said...

Lookin hawt, mang. Line work is soooo clean, my likey.

Labour of love - you can tell.


5:12 PM  

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