Monday, February 26, 2007

catwoman meets poison ivy

just home from nyc and the comic con this weekend. i drove down with my new studio mates and some frineds in a supersized budget van. took us 14 hrs or so to get there all said and done but with some super nerd toys like ds game boy and a laptop for movies (watched the host, which is awesome) it was a pretty fun ride.
i wrapped up these 2 pages just before leaving thurday morning. i did a couple small revisions that arent on these scans but its more or less the same.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

spidey vs rhino

This is the first page finished of the sample portfolio im putting together for the new york con this month. its not accually the first page of the sequence, but i had some trouble getting loose with my first page and moved on to the second before i could do too much damage. ill get to it eventually , and the clock is running out , so it'll have to be soon. wish me luck.